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Many people believe the need for dictation transcription services is dying out.  Interestingly, the case is quite the opposite: more and more people are discovering that outsourcing their dictation transcription is a very appealing option.  Many people outsource overseas because it’s cheaper, or they opt for voice recognition, and these people learn that this is penny-wise and pound-foolish.  If you want accuracy, you need an online dictation transcription service staffed by real people – in your native language.

Real people not only are better at understanding words the first time you say them, but they can learn as you go along.  The more times you say the name of that one Hawaiian power plant, the more chances we have of figuring out exactly what it is and fixing all the times initially we had no context.  This is true in medical cases as well; you might stumble over your words when you read out one symptom, but we can infer based on surrounding conditions and later references.  Speech recognition just isn’t that smart.  So if you dictate 100% accurately with no accent and perfect enunciation, then speech recognition might get up to 90% accuracy!  But frankly, 90% isn’t good enough when documents may form your clients’ first impression of you, or affect what happens in court, or affect the surgery you’re about to perform after glancing over a patient’s chart.

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Dictation Transcription Services: Industries

Men 2 CALTO Inches 4 Black Synthetic Sneakers At Transcription Outsourcing, we see many types of documents.  We have experts with 20+ years of experience in:

  • Legal transcription: Court case transcription.
  • Police & law enforcement transcription: Dictating police reports and complex multi-speaker interviews with suspects and witnesses
  • Medical transcription: Patient reports and IMEs, chart reviews
  • Academic transcription: Interviews and notes and video transcripts for students preparing theses, ethnography studies
  • Research transcription: Results of tests and interviews

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Legal Dictation Transcription Services

Most people pursuing these options are in need of accuracy and a professional image.  In court cases and legal documents, for instance, accuracy is completely essential and inaccuracies just won’t cut it.  Automated transcription or voice recognition can and does frequently miss technical terms like any given acronym, for example, or phrases: “Keep your composer” should very obviously be “Keep your composure”.

Medical Dictation Transcription Services

For doctors, dictation transcription services are needed often on a per-patient basis.  With each new patient, notes must be made.  There are many ways to approach this process, but there is no substitute for the accuracy of a human with experience and the ability to learn from your files over time.  Machines quite simply cannot do the same.  Machines or less experienced personnel also cannot properly differentiate between all the terms, often said at a rapid pace, to keep up.

Police and Law Enforcement Dictation Transcription Services

Many police officers dictate their reports, and these reports can often be used later in court cases or myriad other contexts.  Here, accuracy is also essential and valuable not to a person’s health but to their criminal proceedings.  There is a big difference between “He did it” and “He didn’t do it”, but when the speaker is fast enough, it can be hard for a machine to correctly interpret.  Not so with an accurate dictation service.  After all, machine transcription   And despite the technology having been around for many years, it isn’t getting much better.  (For this reason, there are many job opportunities in the field and getting started is easy!)

Online Dictation Transcription Services

No matter your content, online dictation services allow you to speak into a magical rectangle on your table and see beautified documents in your inbox just days later.  Regardless of what you might think, it’s less expensive to let us do these dictation services than it is to choose your own in-house staff — not only are we cheaper, their time is valuable and typing your dictations is not what they were hired to do.

Time is also important, and dictation transcription services comes out ahead in this arena too.  The problem with doing in-house transcription is that your typists will rarely be as efficient as a team of dedicated transcriptionists, some 30+ years’ experience.  And even if they are, you’ll be paying for it every paycheck.  So you’ll save both time and money by using a dictation transcription services company.  You might be tempted to consider typing yourself instead of dictating, but if you’ve ever done that, you’ll know that that is far less efficient and less easy to truly express all your thoughts and ideas.  This is not to mention if your content has any degree of technical terms, place names, proper nouns, or anything like it.  Real people know how to Google and understand medical, legal, law enforcement, and technical terminology.

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